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Time’s Footprints

Life retains the footprints of time in a body. Each individual traces layers of growth in a form that records the flow of life through struggle and dance. Wood grain records the cycles of...

Tropical Storm Clouds at Sunset 0

Tropical Storm Clouds at Sunset

Dramatic, but not nearly as dramatic as the first tropical storm of the season – I found myself thinking of the storms Auguste was in and was very glad to be on land.

great blue 0

great blue

Great Blue Herons have always felt like personal messangers to me – since I was a child. This one greeted us as we went to a beach house in the middle of the Saint...

Black Widow 0

Black Widow

This is the mysterious ship that appears in the book. It will return as bits of memories from the navigator in World War Two as he becomes part of the weaving connections through time...

Pilgrims 0


This Island has been a holy place of pilgrimage since long before Christianity reached Ireland. To the Celts Rivers were holy, and Islands in rivers particularly holy places, The Shannon is the largest river...

Illuminated Manuscript from Holy Island 0

Illuminated Manuscript from Holy Island

This is from the monastery in Waking Remembering and the sort of thing the main character worked on when he was there. This is one of the documents that was saved when most fo...